Big Seven Persian Lime

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Our newest expression and a beautiful one at that! We are so happy to bring you Big Seven Persian Lime Gin. What made our London Dry so popular is how zesty and balanced it is and with Persian Lime you get an even deeper zesty flavour with armoatic and earthy notes. This all comes together to give you a Gin which is good enough to be sipped neat but will bring your cocktails to a whole other level.

Persian Limes add zest to our gin but with aromatic notes. On the nose a powerful lime, on the palette there is a zesty citrus explosion. This finish is where this gin comes into its own – the earthy and aromatic Persian Limes bring out a sherbet tone making this the perfect summer drink.

Our beautiful gin starts life the same as our London Dry does, we distil our botanicals with the Persian white limes to give you a deep and aromatically citrus taste.

A very versatile gin. This is absolutely cracking in a Martini as the aromatic and citrus notes come through powerfully. You can also give a gimlet a new dynamic with this zesty spirit. Can also be enjoyed over ice or in a classic G&T.