A few weeks ago down at the distillery Charlie and I started work on our next expression. Our minds like many are full of ideas and flavours we want to try.

We fired up the still and created the Blackberry flavoured Big Seven.

There was a few learnings from us while making this expression

1. You cannot rush if you want the quality

My own impatience to bring our customers something new always caught up with me while putting this flavour together, everyday I would taste it to see where it was at and get the hump when it wasn’t quite ready. In total it took us around 4 weeks from distilling to bottling….not fun for an impatient guy!

2. Always make more!

We started with 30 bottles of blackberry, now I’m not one for underestimating the power of the brand but I had a feeling that 30 was a good number and we would be comfortable. We gave 10 to our friends at Sip and Share to do an exclusive launch on their site so this gave us 20 bottles for our online store. Obviously my confidence in the quantity wavered after our launch with Sip and Share, 9 minutes it took to sell the 10 she had…..We was launching in 2 days and I started to panic! So we launched on the Monday at 9am, I was actually at a doctors appointment with my little one and my phone was buuzzzzzz buzzzzzz buzzzzz and by 2pm that day we was SOLD OUT! I still find this amazing and can’t thank our customers enough and we are working hard to bring you more! But lesson learned MAKE MORE!!!!!!

3. The Brand has grown

Something that hasn’t really taken us to by much surprise however our efforts and passion to bring this brand to more people has shown with this launch! We are really proud of where we are now and we know where we want to be by the end of the year. We are continue to work with and show our brand to new people and places.

I spent most of the weekend taking snaps of the bottle trying to get some decent ones, I’m no Annie Leibovitz that’s for sure but I certainly enjoy taking the pictures. I have now set up a little area at home where we can start to do some lives from and make some Videos.

We are looking forward to the Boris update this week with a huge hope we can start to visit markets and some of the events we want to be at get to go ahead. We want to meet people and start talking to them about our brand! Its top of our 2021 list!

A huge thank you goes out to our customers for making our hearts full!